Back Pressure Reducing/Bypass

The MK508MM Series are spring loaded, self-actuated, direct-operated valves.
MK508MM Series
The Mark 508UBS Series are spring loaded direct-operated, pressure relief valves used downstream of pressure regulators to protect the downstream system from over pressure.
Mark 508UBS Series
The Mark 50 Sliding Gate Back Pressure Regulator is used to regulate upstream pressure at a predetermined setpoint.
Self-Operated Back Pressure Regulator - Mark 50 Series
The Mark 52 internally piloted, back-pressure regulator is a specialty valve designed for critical application regulation in locations where space is limited.
Internally Piloted Regulator - Mark 52 Series
The Mark 53 maintains a constant differential between the inlet pressure and the pressure loaded on top of the diaphragm. It can be used for both differential and remotely adjusted applications.
Differential Back Pressure Regulator - Mark 53/54 Series
The Mark 55 regulator controls accurately and shutoff tightly to maintain the proper vacuum setting.
Vacuum Regulators - Mark 55 Series
The Mark 56 is a highly accurate and economical air loaded back-pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local or remote station. The operation of the Mark 56 requires no control spring or pilot.
Air Loaded Back Pressure Regulator - Mark 56 Series
The Mark 57 provides accuracy approaching that of controller-operated valves and should be considered on most critical applications before other more expensive and sophisticated instrumentation.
Externally Piloted Regulator - Mark 57 Series
The Mark 58 back pressure regulator features three ports: a bypass outlet on the bottom and two side ports which are directly connected to serve as dual inlets or as inlet and outlet for flow-through.
Globe Style Back Pressure Regulator - Mark 58 Series
The Mark 508 Gas Back Pressure Regulator is the ideal valve for low-pressure gas regulation. The Mark 508 works in conjugation with the Mark 608 in a low-pressure tank blanketing valve system.
Tank Blanketing Valve - Mark 508 Series
The Mark 518 is a back-pressure regulator for use in low pressure air and gas services. With a selection of six pressure ranges, set points can be chosen to control back-pressures.
Double Seated Tank Blanketing Valve - Mark 518 Series
The Mark 5108 Series maintains the line pressure within a relatively narrow limit.
Back pressure regulator - Mark 5108 Series