Frozen Pipes Revisited

January 11, 2018 by Harry Woebkenberg

I will briefly share my recent tale of woe.  Monday morning, barely into my first cup of coffee, I received a call from my very irate “Better Half”.  Her terse message was “we have a busted pipe and the garage is flooding” (“This is your fault” was definitely implied).  I directed her to the shutoff before signing off and running to my truck to head home for damage control.  My sad tale aside, with more than half the United States thawing out from a record “Deep Freeze” and another massive winter storm racing across the country, it seems an appropriate time to reach into the archives and revisit two blogs we ran in late 2015.  Enjoy!

Click here to read about why water pipes freeze and burst.

Click here to read about how to prevent frozen pipes.


Harry Woebkenberg, VP Marketing and Jordan Valve Product Manager

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