Mark 128PQC Series Control Valve

The Mark 128PQC Series Control Valve body assembly is suitable for on-off dump valve service in oil and gas production applications, in either sweet or sour gas conditions. This valve is also useful for on-off high-pressure control of numerous gasses and liquids, and can be used with materials that are viscous or erosive.

  • 1″ screwed end connections
  • Quick opening flow characteristic
  • Can be converted from straight thorugh flow to angle flow
  • Field reversible multi-spring actuator
  • Stem guided valve plug
  • Sour service capability: optional NACE MRO 175/ISO 15156-2009
  • Tight shutoff

Data Sheet
Mark 128PQC Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance
Mark 128PQC Series I & M

Jordan Valve Product Guide
Jordan Valve Product Guide – A4

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