Mark 518 Series – Tank Blanketing Valves

The Mark 518 is a back-pressure regulator for use in low pressure air and gas services. With a selection of six pressure ranges, set points can be chosen to control back-pressures from 1″ w.c. to 7 psi (3mbar to 0,5 bar). As a standard feature, the MK518 is provided with soft seals for ANSI Class VI shutoff. The valve is also leak-proof under vacuum conditions.

The Mark 518 back-pressure relief valve is used for maintaining the pressure of air and gases in the positive inches w.c. (mbar) pressure range.

  • Completely self-operated – Spring-loaded regulator operates off of process pressure and requires no external power source or air supply for operation
  • Wide range of low back-pressure settings – Choose from six pressure ranges for set points ranging from 1” w.c. to 7 psi (3mbar to 0,5 bar)
  • Long service life – All metal wetted parts produced from stainless steel or hastelloy C for durability and long life
  • Tight shutoff – Soft seats for ANSI Class VI shutoff

Data Sheet
Mark 518 Series Data Sheet

I & M
Mark 518 Series I & M

Jordan Valve Product Guide
Jordan Valve Product Guide – A4

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