Mark 55 Series – Vacuum Service Regulators

Jordan vacuum regulators control very accurately and shutoff tightly to maintain the proper vacuum setting. They are used to maintain vacuums at predetermined settings and to regulate vacuums at predetermined settings and to regulate vacuums on evaporators, cookers, grinding fixtures, milking machines, altitude chambers and other vacuum systems.

  • Sliding gate seats provide:
    – Straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation
    – Short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation
    – Easily interchangeable Cv’s
    – Tight shutoff
  • All metal-to-metal contacts – no gaskets, o-rings, or elastomer parts to wear out
  • Compact design and simple construction – allows fast, simple installation and easy maintenance

Data Sheet
Mark 55 Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance
Mark 55 Series I & M

Dimensional Drawing
Mark 55 Series Dimensional Drawing

Jordan Valve Product Guide
Jordan Valve Product Guide – A4

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