Mark 66 Series – Air Loaded Pressure Regulator

The Mark 66 is a highly accurate and economical air-loaded pressure regulator that provides regulation from a local or remote station. The operation of the Mark 66 requires no control spring or pilot. Instead, a static air signal is applied to the top of the diaphragm to determine the set point.

The LowFlow JR regulator is ideal for controlling the pressure load to the top of the diaphragm.

  • All metal-to-metal contacts – No gaskets or o-rings to wear out (2”/DN50 and under)
  • Versatile Application – Use on steam, air, gas, liquids, or chemicals
  • Sliding Gate Seats – Straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation, short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation, tight shutoff, and easily interchangeable Cv’s
  • Remote/frequently changing set points

Data Sheet
Mark 66 Series Data Sheet

Installation & Maintenance
Mark 66 Series I & M

Dimensional Drawing
Mark 66 Series Dimensional Drawings (1/2″ – 2″)
Mark 66 Series Dimensional Drawings (2 1/2″ – 4″)

Jordan Valve Product Guide
Jordan Valve Product Guide – A4

The Mark 66 is available for Next Business Day shipment.

Sizes: 1/2″ – 2″

DI & SS NPT valves only

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