Mark ED & ET Series (8″) Globe Style Control Valve

The Mark ED Series is intended for general control applications over a wide variety of temperatures and pressure drops.  This design has an upper piston ring seal and metal-to-metal seating.
The Mark ET Series is intended for applications requiring low leakage rates with composition seating (TFE) for tight shutoff requirements or metal-to-metal seating for higher temperature capabilities. The valve plug has a two-piece upper seal.
  • Top entry cage design allows easy, in-line maintenance
  • Balanced Plug allows the use of smaller actuators
  • Characterized flow options including equal percentage, linear, and quick opening
  • Available in a variety of body and trim materials make the Mark E Series suitable for a variety of applications including liquids, gasses or steam
  • Cage guiding allows the Mark E to handle high pressure drops while providing greater plug stability
  • Sour Service Capability: Optional NACE MRO175/ISO15156-2009
  • Tight shutoff

Data Sheet
Mark ED & ET Series (8″) Data Sheet

I & M
Mark ED & ET Series (8″) I & M

Jordan Valve Product Guide
Jordan Valve Product Guide – A4
JCVS Series Condensed Catalog

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