Two thought provoking articles in Valve Magazine started me thinking about all the changes over the years in the Valve industry.  I’ve spent my career with manufacturers and the numerous changes make my head spin.  The following methodologies / keywords immediately come to mind:  Batch Production, Low Cost Producer, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Just-in-Time, Point of Use Inventory, Pull Systems and Kanbans, Kaizen Events and Value Stream Mapping.  There are many more.

We’ve communicated via phone (desk, wall, and pay with rotary dial), bag phone, smart phone, tablets, telex, fax, email, snail mail, text, webinar, and seminar.  In the sales channels we’ve dealt with Manufacturer’s Reps, Industrial Distributors, Agent / Broker, Factory Direct Sales, Consolidators, Sales Engineers, Territory and Regional Sales Managers.

How a manufacturer goes to market and how the end user / customer selects and purchases products are constantly changing.

Years ago, I was told, “Change is change and it’s going to happen”.  Tighten your seat-belt and enjoy the ride!

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