Jordan Valve Express

A wide variety of Jordan Valve products are available for next business day shipping. Look for the Jordan Valve Express logo throughout the site. Additional exceptions may apply.

To qualify for Jordan Valve Express, the following conditions must be met:

  •  2 units max
  • Standard Cv’s
  • Standard seats on Sliding Gate valves (Jorcote)
  • Must meet end connection rules – see below
  • 1-1/4″ (DN32) valves do not qualify
  • Specify Jordan Valve Express at time of order

End Connection Rules for Jordan Valve Express:

  • Add 1 week for threaded flanges (150#, 300#, or PN40)
  • Add 2 weeks for welded flanges of ISO sanitary connections
  • Jordan uses PN40 flanges when PN10/16/25/40 flanges are ordered. To meet DIN specification for PN40 pressure regulators, double bolting is required which eliminates them from the Jordan Valve Express program.

Jordan Valve Express Next Business Day – order must be received by 2:00pm EST Monday through Friday.

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