While reading Lyle Hamilton’s blogs on Regulator Accuracy and Managing Droop, I realized we should define certain words as some terms used in the valve industry have a different meaning in that context than in everyday conversation.  For instance, the word “droop”.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines droop as:
“to sink, bend, or hang down”
“to become sad or weak”1

In “valve speak”, droop is defined as the amount by which the controlled variable pressure, temperature, liquid level, or differential pressure deviates from the set value at minimum controllable flow when the flow through the regulator is gradually increased from the minimum controllable flow to the rated capacity.  Droop is also referred to as Accuracy of Regulation and Offset.

For more valve terms go to A Glossary of 864 Valve Terms.  This resource will prove valuable as we delve into more technical topics in the weeks to come.