Application information on sliding gate technology for Jordan Valve and our products can be found here.

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Sliding Gate Technology

Many Jordan Valves have the sliding gate seat technology which offers precise control in a variety of applications.

Video Library

Frequently asked questions, how-to installation and maintenance videos, and much more.

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Sizing Software

Quickly and accurately determine the flow coefficient of valve so you can choose the proper Jordan valve for your application.

Reference Cards

Reference Cards

Download our quick reference guides showing the specs for our tank blanketing valves, control valves and regulators.

Combating Droop

Combating Droop

Droop is an inherent characteristic in all self-operated and pilot-operated regulators.

Valve Applications

Valve Applications

Selecting the right valve can determine the success or failure of your system or process.

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Quick Ship Program

Several valves are available to ship the next business day. Learn more about our Jordan Valve Express program.

Blog Posts


Read about our products, industry standards, questions posed by customers, problem solving and much more.

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Download our guides for easy references to information you need.

Industry Standards

Industry Standards

We provide a helpful list of basic valve terminology and industry standards.

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Need to return a valve? You need a form for that. Follow the directions on the RGA form so you can get quick assistance.