There are three important metrics manufacturers should use to determine on time delivery performance.

1.  On-time delivery to Customer Request Date

2.  On-time delivery to Promise Date

3.  Average lead time

These three metrics work together to provide a picture of the manufacturer’s true delivery performance.  On-time to customer request date measures the ability to meet the customers stated requirement.  This is expressed as a percentage and will generally be lower than on-time to promise date.  Some customer purchase orders have automatically generated request dates with extremely short lead times, sometimes as short as the next day. While we ship many valves the next day with our Jordan Valve Express program, one day lead time may be an unrealistic request when dealing with custom built products.

On-time to promise date measures the manufacturer’s ability to deliver what they promised.  We target 98%.  Any manufacturer can put up a high number here if they quote excessively long lead times.  The challenge is quoting and meeting aggressive lead times that meet the customers’ requirements.

Finally, average lead time.  This number reflects the average number of days it takes the manufacturer to ship after receipt of order.  This number is meaningful if it includes standard products, specials, and projects.  The smaller the number, the better.  Our average lead time for Jordan Valve is 14 calendar days.

Quick deliveries are more important to our customers now than at any time in the past.  Our ability to provide some of the best deliveries in the industry is an important part of our Jordan Valve brand image.  Jordan Valve Express further differentiates us from our competition in this important area of customer service.  We offer next day shipment on many different valve and actuator models; at no additional charge!  Be sure to take advantage of this excellent value-added service.