Every manufacturer makes “standard” products. Many manufacturing processes today are well suited to large runs of standard products that are suitable in a high percentage of utility and process applications.

What do you do if your application is “non-standard”?  What if the medium is corrosive, erosive, high temperature?  Do you need a unique Cv?  Special automation requirements?  Non-standard face to face? Who do you call?  Give us a try WE DO SPECIALS!  We are willing and able to help engineer a unique solution for your utility and process requirements.

As an example, we have a customer that needs a custom solution for a heavy oil tank.  Fuel oil 6 (Bunker C) oil is very viscous and requires pre-heating or mixing in order to move the medium through the piping.  Our customer uses steam to heat the oil to the desired temperature, and their application requires sensing the temperature across the entire diameter of the tank.  Our engineers developed a unique solution!  The photo below shows a Jordan Valve Mark 80 Temperature Regulator with a 12’ sensing bulb and 27’ capillary.  This valve senses the temperature of the Fuel oil across the entire tank and controls the steam to maintain a constant temperature in a bunker oil tank.  The oil is ready to flow when needed!

If you require special materials, non-standard end connections or face to face dimensions, need special modifications due to high or low temperature requirements or a truly unique “clean-sheet” design, we’re here to help!  Keep us in mind the next time you have a “non-standard” application.