Diaphragm Actuator

The 667M Series is a reverse-acting, spring-opposed diaphragm actuators providing 3″ (76 mm) of maximum travel.  Although typical pressure ranges are 3 to 15 psi or 6 to 30 psi, additional pressure ranges are available upon request. The 667M Actuator is used for automatic operation of control valves, effective in applications where throttling or on/off service is required.

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Refer to the Specifications Table for the 667M Actuator, and to the nameplate on your actuator for settings specific to your equipment.

It is important not to exceed the Maximum Diaphragm Pressure as listed in the Specifications Table when the actuator is set at less than full travel. If this pressure is exceeded before the travel stop comes in contact with the upper diaphragm plate, the maximum allowable valve stem load may be exceeded.

The Maximum Excess Diaphragm Pressure as listed in the Specifications Table is the pressure that can be added when the actuator is set at full travel. The sum of the pressure which is required to fully stroke the valve and the excess pressure added when the actuator is against the stop must not exceed the “Maximum Diaphragm Casing Pressure” as outlined in the Specifications Table.

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