Ideal Installation of a PRV

Ideal Installation of a PRV in a Steam System

Following the steps in the process below will maximize the performance and service life of your pressure reducing valve in critical services, especially steam.

Benefits of Remotely Set PRVs

Benefits of Remotely Set Pressure Reducing Valves

What are the benefits of remotely set PRVs?

Changing Landscape of Valve Industry

The Ever-changing Landscape of the Valve Industry

Change is change and it's going to happen!

We Offer Solutions

We Offer Solutions For Your Special Applications

Need help with a difficult application? Call us!

Regulators in Series

Regulators in Series

What if one regulator is not enough to handle the pressure drop?

Why use a line strainer?

The Use of a Line Strainer

Why is a line strainer so important with PRVs? Read on!

Pressure Recovery Factor Explained

Pressure Recovery Factor Explained

Read on to understand pressure recovery factory.

Calculated vs Optimal Cvs

Calculated Cv versus Optimal Cv

Learn more about Cv's and why sizing valves is so important.

Guide for End Connections

A Quick Guide to End Connections

Here is a quick reference guide to typical end connections.

Heat Tracing Systems

Heat Tracing Systems

Read an in-depth article on heat tracing systems.

Mark 50 Operation

Mark 50 Series Back Pressure Regulator Seat Adjustment & Operation

Watch this video on seat adjustment and operation.

How does a Mark 80 Work?

How Does a Self-Operated Temperature Regulator Work?

What this video to learn about the Sliding Gate Temperature Regulator.

Troubleshooting the Mark 67 Series

Troubleshooting the Mark 67 Piloted Pressure Regulator

What is the load pressure tubing on a Mark 67?

Expected lifespan of a Mark 608

What is the Expected Life of a Mark 608 Tank Blanketing Regulator?

Interesting question. Watch the video to find out!

Concerns about shutoff

Having Concerns with the Shutoff of your Pressure Regulator?

Are you Experiencing a Downstream Pressure Increase when your Pressure Regulator is Shut Off?

What is Tank Blanketing

What is Tank Blanketing (Part 2)

Learn more about tank blanketing.

Converting a Mark 80 Series

How to Convert a Mark 80 Temperature Regulator to the Open Position

How to fill the system when your regulators are in the closed position.

Water Service Valves

Are Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulators Suitable for Water Service?

We answer a customer's question about whethe their Mark 60 Series regulators are suitable for water service.

What is Tank Blanketing

What Is Tank Blanketing?

Learn the basics about tank blanketing. Read on!

Sea Water Service

Is Your Internally Piloted Regulator Suitable for Sea Water Services?

Watch this quick video to learn if your regulator is suitable for sea water service.

Rick Cromer

Interview with Rick Cromer – Chemical Industry Expert

Learn what a chemical industry expert has to say about valves.

Back Pressure Regulating Valves

Back Pressure Regulating Valves (BPRV)

Want to learn more about back pressure regulating valves? Read on!

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Pipes

How to prevent frozen pipes - know before they freeze!

Water Pipes Freeze

Why Water Pipes Freeze & Burst

Why do water pipes burst and why do they always fail the same way?

Differences between Direct & Pilot-operated valves

Differences Between Direct & Pilot-Operated Regulating Valves

What is the difference between direct & pilot-operated valves?

Business in a Global Market

Challenges Faced When Conducting Business in a Global Market

What should you consider when doing business in a global market?

Valve Standards

The History of Valve Standards

Ever wondered why and how the ASME was formed? Read on!

Sizing Program

Calculating A Reasonable Safety Factor when Sizing Control Valves & Regulators

It is important to include a reasonable safety factor when sizing.

Why Application Training Is Important

Application Training

Applying the proper valve in an application is critical.

Hands On Training

Hands On Product Training Most Effective

Why we prefer hands-on training rather than classroom training.

Delivery Term Metrics

Industry Valve Delivery Time

What are the delivery time metrics for manufacturers?

Temperature Regulator Applications Blog Post

Temperature Regulator Applications

What types of applications are temperature regulators the choice? Read on.

Understanding Temperature Regulators

Understanding Temperature Regulators

Mechanical temperature regulators are often overlooked as a simple solution for temperature control.

Regulators in Parallel

Regulators in Parallel

When are two regulators in parallel a solution? Read on.

Selection & Sizing of Regulators

Regulator Selection & Sizing

When selecting a regulator, proper sizing is critical.

Basic Valve Terminology

Industrial Valve Terminology

Basic definitions for industrial valve terminology.

Managing Droop

Managing Droop

How do you manage droop with industrial regulators? It's possible - read on.

How Accurate Are Regulators

How Accurate Are Industrial Regulators?

Interested in learning about the accuracy of industrial regulators? Read on to learn more.

How do regulators work?

How Do Industrial Regulators Work?

Interested in knowing how industrial regulators work? This is the blog post for you.

Understanding Industrial Regulators Blog

What To Know About Regulators

A basic understanding about industrial pressure regulators. Read on!

Differential Pressure Regulators Blog

Differential Pressure Regulators

What are differential pressure regulators? What do they do? Let’s take a look and find out.