How Choosing a Sliding Gate Valve Could Save Money in Steam Applications

Read about sliding gate valves, how they work, why they outperform in steam service, and read a case study describing how installing Jordan sliding gate control valves tightened a customer’s dryer temperatures and helped increase throughput.

A Case for Mechanical Temperature Control

Instrument, mechanical or project engineers may see a multitude of temperature applications cross their desks. Their immediate reaction might be to employ a temperature control loop. But could a mechanical, self-operated temperature regulator be a better solution for the valve application? Read this white paper to find out.

Combating Droop in Self Contained Pressure Regulators

When selecting valves for pressure reducing applications, first you must decide whether the application requires a control valve in order to be effective, or if a
self-operated or pilot-operated regulator will be sufficient. When engineering the application, the Droop Effect of self-operated and pilot-operated regulators is the
primary factor to consider.