Mark 50 Series Back Pressure Regulator

Mark 50 Series

Self-Operated, Jorlon Diaphragm

Mark 501 Series picture

Mark 501/502 Series

High Flow

Mark 50HP/60HP Series picture

Mark 50HP Series

High Pressure

Mark 51 Series High Sensitivity Back Pressure Regulator

Mark 51 Series

High Sensitivity

Mark 52 Series picture

Mark 52 Series

Internally Piloted

Mark 53/63 Series

Mark 53/54 Series

Differential, Jorlon Diaphragm

Mark 60 Series

Mark 55 Series

Upstream Vacuum, Jorlon Diaphragm

Mark 56 Series

Mark 56/560 Series

Dome Loaded, High Accuracy

Mark 57 Series

Mark 57 Series

Pilot-Operated, Superior Accuracy

Mark 575 Series

Wafer Style, Jorlon Diaphragm

Mark 58FTA SEries

Mark 58FT/A Series

Cage Trim, Dual Inlet & Outlet for Through-Flow

Mark 586 Series picture

Mark 586FT/586A Series

Dome Loaded

Mark 508 Series

Mark 508 Series

Gas Back Pressure Regulator

Mark 518 Series picture

Mark 518 Series

Tank Blanketing Valves

Mark 5108 Series

Mark 5108 Series


Mark 605MM Series Picture

Mark 508MM Series


Y Strainer

Y-Type Strainers

Line Strainers

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The sliding gate back pressure regulators are ideal for steam, liquid and gas media. A variety of regulators are available including self-operated, high flow, differential, vacuum, air loaded and pilot operated.