When selecting a regulator for your application, proper sizing is critical.  An undersized actuator will not pass the required flow, while an oversized regulator will not provide accurate regulation.  Most manufacturers provide a free sizing program to aid in proper selection.  Click here to go to our JVCV Sizing Program.

Certain process information is required to size a regulator:

Media:  specific gravity, molecular weight, viscosity, and temperature
Media state:  liquid, steam, gas
Inlet Pressure:  minimum, normal, maximum and units, i.e., psig, barg, etc.
Outlet Pressure:  minimum, normal, maximum and units
Flowrates:  minimum, normal, maximum and units, i.e., gallons per minute, standard cubic feet per hour, etc.
Set Point: desired set point and units

This is the absolute minimum required information for sizing.  The more information the manufacturer has, the better the recommendation.  An ISA data sheet is ideal!