Last week, we discussed the Ideal Installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV).  A commonly asked question about regulators and control valves is: “How well do they stand up in dirty service?” The answer for any modulating valve is “not very well”.   As our Senior Product Engineer, Lyle Hamilton, likes to say, “A valve is a really expensive strainer!”  We recommend installing a line strainer upstream of your valve.  While there is additional up-front cost when purchasing a line strainer, it will greatly reduce the long-term cost of ownership of your regulator or control valve.

Different mesh sizes are available for the line strainer.  Below is a chart that will give you some idea as to what is available:

We generally recommend a .033″ screen for a strainer upstream of our valves.  For additional information about line strainers, contact your Jordan Valve Client Consultant.