Globe Style Control Valves

The Mark H Series control valve provides excellent pressure and flow control on steam, gasses and various liquid applications.

The Mark H2D valve is a single port, globe body with cage guiding, and balanced valve plug with push down to close action. Suitable for general applications where tight shutoff is not required.

The Mark H5T valve is a single port, globe body with cage guiding, balanced valve plug, metal seat and pressure assisted spring seal to provide a seal between the valve plug and cage. Suitable for applications which require low leakage rates.

Features & Benefits
  • Two trim configurations available, ED and ET
  • Cage guiding allows the Mark H900/H1500/H2500 to handle high pressure drops while providing greater plug stability
  • High pressure capability, up to Class 2500
  • Characterized flow options include equal percentage and quick opening
  • Optional body and trim materials are available
  • Sour service capability: optional NACE MRO175/ISO15156-2009

Sizes: 3″, 4″ & 6″

End Connections:

  • ANSI Class 900 through 2500
  • Raised Face, Ring Type Joint, or welded flanges

Body Materials:

  • LCC
  • WCB
  • CF8M
  • CF3M
  • WCC
  • Additional materials may be available upon request
  • Trim Materials:
    316SST (standard)
  • Alloy 6
  • Cobalt
  • Tungsten Carbide

Seats: metal

Shutoff: Class II, III, IV & V

Maximum Inlet Pressures & Temperatures: consistent with ASME Class per ASME 16.34

Maximum Pressure Drops: all valves are capable of full rated pressure drops

Flow Characteristics: Quick Opening, Linear, Equal Percentage

Trim Options: Noise abatement and anti-cavitation

Flow Direction: Flow Down

Valve Travel Indication: valves are supplied with visual travel indicator

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