Pressure Regulators

They are available in 1" to 10" (DN25 though DN250) body sizes. These regulators feature a construction capable of sustaining rugged use and their construction makes them easy to install and to maintain.

Features & Benefits
  • Flow to open design
  • Available with ISA face to face dimensions
  • 3 different trim sizes for each body size, to meet a wide range of applications
  • Quick opening flow characteristic
  • Trim features metal or soft tightness, single or double ported
  • Leakage classes range from II up to VI (according to ANSI/FCI 70-3)
  • External pressure sensing
  • Separation tank to handle superheated steam or high viscosity fluid
  • Stem tightness packing is available as elastomeric (lip seal) or graphite gasket
  • Wide range of actuators according to the requested regulation range
  • Wide range of elastomeric diaphragms

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