Pressure Regulators

The MK608UBAN Series is spring loaded, direct-operated, pressure reducing regulators. Their main function is to regulate the outlet pressure. They are available in 1/2" to 2" (DN15 to DN50) body sizes and can be supplied with a wide range of different end connections. The "bolted" flanged design provides flexibility to meet custom face to face dimensions as required (easy to install/suitable for old valve replacement). These regulators have a compact design and durable construction to sustain rugged use and their construction makes them easy to install and maintain.

Features & Benefits
  • Flow to open design
  • From 9 to 14 different Cv’s for each size to assure high accuracy in regulation
  • Metal or soft seat (featuring leakage from II to VI)
  • Internal pressure sensing (external on request)
  • Packingless construction (available only with internal pressure sensing)
  • Wide range of actuators according to the requested regulation range
  • Wide range of elastomeric diaphragms or in AISI 316
  • Fully sealed construction available (suitable for dangerous medium; ATEX compliant)
  • Balanced construction available for high pressure drops

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