Cage Trim, Dual Inlet & Outlet for Through-Flow

The Mark 58FT/A features three ports: a bypass outlet on the bottom and two side ports which are directly connected to serve as dual inlet and outlet for through-flow. The Mark 58FT is designed to be installed in a "T" fashion such that the fluid normally flows in one side and out the other side; whereas the Mark 58A is designed to be installed with one side port as an inlet and the other side port plugged with the flow being relieved through the bottom bypass.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to maintain and service – remove bottom entry cage to access plug; diaphragm accessible from top
  • Large effective diaphragm area – for increased accuracy and sensitivity
  • Large orifices and body passages – provides high flow capacities
  • “Tight Shutoff” – choice of hard (ANSI CL IV) or soft (ANSI CL VI) bubble tight seats
  • Versatile application – use on steam, air, gas liquids or chemicals

Sizes: 1/4″ through 2″ (DN8 through DN50)

Body Material: Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze

End Connection: Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld

Diaphragm: BUna-N, EPDM, Jorlon, 316/316L SST, Viton/Nomex

Cv (Kv): up to 32.4 (up to 28,0)

Cage Materials: Electro-nickel plated steel or SS depending on body material

  • EC Declaration of Conformity/PED
  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)
    Mark 58FT/A: 1/4″ – 2″

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