Motor Operated

The Mark 37 is a motor-operated control valve that combines a state-of-the-art electronic linear actuator with the exceptional performance of Jordan's sliding gate valve seat design. The result is a superior degree of accuracy that makes it ideal for use as the final control element in distributed process control systems. The Mark 371/372 is the high flow version and the Mark 377 is he equal percentage version.

Features & Benefits
  • A stroke shorter than those found in globe or plug-style valves resulting in much faster operation than other electric control valves
  • Long packing and stem life, with stem packing four times deeper than stem travel
  • Sliding gate seats provide straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation
  • Short stroke for faster response and accurate regulation
  • Easily interchangeable Cvs
  • Tight shutoff
  • Sizes: 1/4″ – 6″ (DN8 – DN150)
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Bronze
  • End Connection: Threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt-Weld
  • Cv (Kv)” up to 395 (up to 340)
  • Seat Material: Jorcote
  • Command Signals: Current or voltage command, on/off

Sliding Gate Control Valves

Watch this video to understand more about our sliding gate control valves.

Sliding Gate Valve Overview

Watch this video for an overview of Sliding Gate Pressure Regulators and Control Valves

Sliding Gate Videos

Learn more about the sliding gate seat design by watching these videos.


ATEX Certified

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  • 1/2″ – 2″ sizes
  • CML 100 motor only
  • 120 VAC / 240 VAC only
  • FNPT Ends

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