Benefits of the Sliding Gate

The Jordan Valve Sliding Gate Seat is a high value alternative to traditional trim designs.

Benefits include:

Easy Maintenance – There is only one moving part in the Sliding Gate Seats. The seats are not pressed or screwed into place, so removal is easy. Cv values are interchangeable and control
valve action is easily changeable.

Seat Materials – Jorcote is the standard seat material. Jorcote is harder than stainless steel and provides excellent wear, erosion, & galling resistance. It has a lower coefficient of friction than Teflon;
providing higher pressure drop capability and less offset. Jorcote seats perform in temperatures from sub-zero to 550°F (288°C). These seats have been lab tested to 1,000,000 full stroke cycles in 70 psi steam and maintained ANSI Class IV leakage while displaying negligible wear.

Constant Contact in Seats – The disc and plate are in constant contact. Therefore, there is no valve ‘chatter’, less mechanical wear and greater stability at the low end of the stroke. The constant contact results in a self-lapping and self-cleaning action. Jordan Valve sliding gate seats wear in – they don’t wear out.

Straight Thru Flow – The control element is perpendicular to the flow, resulting in less turbulence and superior trim life.

Short Stroke – In regulators, this results in faster response to input signals, less droop (greater accuracy), and longer diaphragm life. In control valves, the short stroke of the sliding gate seat results in
less packing wear. Additionally, smaller actuators can be used resulting in lighter weight, smaller envelope dimensions and less air consumption.

Multiple Orifice Design – The multiple orifice design of the sliding gate seat dissipates the wear energy and downstream flow, resulting in longer trim life and quiet operation.

Disc Plate Overlap – The disc and plate overlap by 1/32” (0,8mm) around each orifice. This creates an area of closure, not line of closure, resulting in better shutoff for a longer period of time, reducing waste and lowering costs.

Watch the video below for more information:

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